Blue Squid Creation

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Our Mission

Sustainable Terrariums:
A Thriving Oasis for All

Nestled at the heart of your home, our meticulously crafted terrariums are not just decorative accents; they’re vibrant ecosystems. Each miniature world is assembled using upcycled glassware, breathing new life into discarded vessels while fostering a harmonious blend of plants and natural elements.

When nurtured with care, they can flourish for years to come, becoming treasured companions that bring a touch of nature’s serenity indoors.

Effortless Elegance

Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or a curious novice, our terrariums are designed for effortless enjoyment. We carefully select plants that thrive within the enclosed environment, ensuring minimal maintenance.

World of Possibilities

Our terrariums are not just pre-made miniature ecosystems; we also provide blank canvases for your creativity. Select plants that complement your décor and reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer a lush, tropical paradise or a serene desert landscape, the possibilities are endless.


Our Vision for Blue Squid Creation

We believe a terrarium should last and we aim to bring that to each and every customer with the product they choose and promise the continued advice in care of their chosen terrarium to ensure that longevity.

One of the reasons I started blue squid creation was the misconception that terrariums do not last and are similar to cut flowers that you have for a short time and then throw away when dead. 

This is influenced by many places selling incorrectly made terrariums, due to incorrect layers or wrongly paired plants such as a humidity loving plant with an arid plant.

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